Traffic Calming Measures Sought after Crash

Caldecott Parish Council are working with Rutland County Council to find a highways solution following a crash into a resident’s house last year.

The resident who is 80 has been a resident of Caldecott for 65 years. The incident happened in August 2020 when a speeding car left the corner of the A6003, crashed through a fence and ploughed into the back of their kitchen wall and conservatory. This is the ninth incident involving traffic and their property.

Following requests for traffic calming measures by Caldecott Parish Council, Rutland County Council have assessed the situation and current proposals by Rutland County Council are as follows:

  • 40mph buffer zone on approach to Caldecott – to help reduce vehicle speeds on the approach to the hazard.
  • Rumble strips on approach to bend (these are similar to Barnsdale/A606, Normanton Park Road/A606, Essendine/A6121). Rumble strips have been used on accident cluster sites in Rutland and Leicestershire to alert drivers to the approaching hazards.
  • Red High friction surface – this provides better friction between the car tyre and the tarmac.
  • Improve warning signs and chevrons on yellow backing.
  • Coloured cats eyes.

Above: The crash involving the resident's cottage. Photo Tom Keightley

Following a socially distanced site meeting between the resident, their family together with Caldecott Parish Council and a RCC Engineer, it was agreed that there are probably better, more physical options available to make this stretch of road safer rather than the more visible restrictions being suggested.

Rutland County council have so far responded with for the following justification for the proposed measures:

“These measures will significantly improve the area by making the bend a lot more visible to drivers particular at night and also help reduce speeds before they reach the 30mph.”

“We have looked carefully at the A6003 as it passes through Caldecott and it is not appropriate to include any physical calming measures on the highway as this forms part of the emergency services strategic route.

We do have the occasional abnormally large load that also passes through this site and this must be taken into consideration when discussing any traffic management proposals. All such loads are routed on the strategic routes”

An RCC transport meeting is scheduled for 23rd March when the measures will be further discussed. Lucy Stephenson (Portfolio Manager for Highways) will put forward further comments by Caldecott Parish Council.

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