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    An A6003 bypass around Caldecott in Rutland has long been argued for since the 1960s. Continuing traffic increase and an impending housing development at West Corby means the village needs a bypass now more than ever.

    Caldecott bypass

    Caldecott is a small ironstone Village at the Southern gateway of Rutland County. The narrow road, blind bends and one-way traffic light junction on the bridge over the River Welland are not built to support the A6003 main arterial route and the traffic it now carries. Caldecott Parish Council, together with residents and nearby Parish Councils believe a bypass should form an essential part of a forward thinking plan that considers residents, the local area, impending housing developments and Rutland’s own economic and tourism objectives.

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  • Background

    Inclusion in the Rutland County Council Transport Plan

    In response to the Rutland County Council "Moving Rutland Forward" Local Transport Plan 2018 -2036 consultation (now closed), Caldecott Parish Council submitted a detailed response. The response requested that the priority of a bypass was raised and commitment to a feasibility study included (which would provide information on a potential route and costs).


    The information presented was detailed, explaining the present day situation, the projected situation in 2026 and evidence drawn from Caldecott Residents Action Group (CRAG) in existence from 1995 – 2007. Key points highlighted were the Government’s Transport Investment Plan, the development at West Corby, Rutland tourism, road safety and quality of life. The submission was supported by nearby Parish Councils, feedback from residents and the petition signed by 91% of the electorate.


    As a result, Rutland County Council have included the following paragraph in the next "Moving Rutland Forward" Local Transport Plan 2018 -2036, however a time frame has not been included:


    "There is a long and well documented history of a demand for a bypass for Caldecott, and RCC has previously successfully submitted its case and had funding allocated for such a project. Whilst the previous scheme was shelved as a consequence of the 2007/8 financial crisis, the situation needs to be reviewed in the face of exacerbating factors such as further increases in average annual daily volumes as measured by the Department for Transport, the considerable planned expansion of Corby, and the growth of Rutland’s tourism industry. We will commit to re-establishing the case for a relief road against set national standards and to seek the funds to undertake a feasibility study."

    West Corby Development

    This is a plan to build 4,500 new homes over the next 15 years, supported by new shops, employment and schools. Official figures indicate a huge increase in road users of the A6003 through Caldecott. Many road improvements are under consideration but they do not extend as far as Caldecott. More details can be viewed at www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/proposed-developments/england/northamptonshire/corby/west-corby.

    It is important that individuals (residents) and collectives (Parish Councils) apply pressure to RCC to engage fully with Corby BC and Northamptonshire CC to mitigate the impact on Caldecott and surrounding villages.

  • The following is a brief summary of the points put forward for a bypass:

    A road built to support A-road traffic

    The physical nature of Caldecott Village means it cannot accommodate A-road traffic

    The A6003 is one of Rutland's main arterial routes and the road is not wide enough to support the traffic travelling through. Houses are very close to the road and pavements narrow. In places, vehicles can only pass in single file. There are two blind bends and a one-way flow bridge that is not fit for purpose. The traffic lights at the bridge cause tailbacks, longer journey times and frustrated drivers to take short cuts through nearby villages.

    Caldecott needs a bypass: A bypass would reduce journey times for traffic travelling through and would be wide enough for the quantity and size of traffic it carries. It would solve the problems experienced by both drivers travelling through the Village and residents.

    Forward thinking

    Rutland needs a forward thinking plan

    The development of 4,500 homes, together with shopping areas, schools and supporting employment in West Corby needs to be planned for with supporting road developments. The area lies close to the south Rutland border and is directly accessed to and from Rutland via the A6003. The present road would not support the increase in traffic to ensure easy access to and from the county.

    Caldecott needs a bypass: A bypass would provide a much needed solution to present problems as well as those anticipated in the near future.

    A road to accommodate HGVs

    The road does not serve HGVs well

    The north-south routing of the A6003 through the heart of Rutland means it has become the route of choice/necessity for a significant number of HGVs. They present a particular problem due to their size, as they cannot pass at points in the Village. They pose safety hazards to other vehicles and pedestrians as well as adversely impacting the environment. In the case of road closure or congestion, HGVs do not have an obvious alternative back-road route as smaller vehicles do.

    Caldecott needs a bypass: A bypass would provide a road much better suited to HGVs and reduce journey times. Improved safety and quality of life would result on both the new route and the residual route through the Village.

    Better safety

    The present road is unsafe for motorists, passengers, pedestrians and residents

    There are 32 vehicle access points along the Caldecott stretch of the A6003. Together with the unsuitable road width, overtaking of parked cars, narrow pavements, accelerating and decelerating vehicles, blind bends and the nature and quantity of traffic - this is without doubt a hazardous situation for pedestrians and all those travelling through the Village by vehicle. Vehicle emissions from traffic travelling through Caldecott also cause a pollution safety issue.

    Caldecott needs a bypass: A bypass would remove all of these risk factors and improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and residents alike.

    Improved quality of life

    Residents are unfairly suffering due to the road

    Caldecott is a small and friendly rural Village with regular community events and clubs taking place in the Village Hall. We are a historic Village surrounded by beautiful countryside and villages. But the road has an adverse impact on quality of life for residents. Already there are too many vehicles and HGVs driving through an environment that is ill-suited to them. The prospect of further housing development and congestion without an adequate plan to deal with it, would further adversely impact quality of life for residents.

    Caldecott needs a bypass: A bypass would provide an improvement on the present and projected situation to ensure residents have good quality of life, health and wellbeing - a clear agenda set out in the Rutland County Council transport plan.

    An investment in the economy and tourism

    The present road barely supports the traffic it holds, let alone the region’s future

    Caldecott is the Southern entrance to Rutland County. Presently tourists and visitors to Rutland are greeted by traffic lights, queues and HGVs at the blind bends. Despite the beautiful surrounding countryside, this is not a good first impression for the County. Additionally, the development of Corby and the new facilities on offer are of benefit to Rutland, bringing a potential economic boost and new people to the region; possible business and leisure custom for Rutland’s economy.

    Caldecott needs a bypass: A bypass would provide easier access to the region and a more welcoming entrance to Rutland for tourists. This would benefit the economy and support Rutland’s tourism objectives.

  • Nearby Villages

    It's not just an issue that effects residents - traffic flow and congestion has a knock on effect for nearby villages.

    Great Easton, Hallaton, Medbourne, Drayton, Horninghold, Middleton, Cottingham, Lyddington and Gretton.

    It is in your interest to support the campaign

    Official figures indicate the development in Corby will create a huge increase in the number of road users travelling on the A6003. A congested main road and tailbacks at the one-way traffic lights will mean more frustrated drivers taking short-cuts through nearby villages such as Great Easton, Hallaton, Medbourne, Drayton, Horninghold, Cottingham, Middleton, Lyddington and Gretton to get to and from Corby/Kettering/Harborough to the A47/Rutland and Stamford directions. It also means residents of nearby villages will find it harder to travel around themselves.

    No village is an island; an improved Caldecott Village and a better A6003 road would have a knock-on effect for the wider local community. Additionally, a Caldecott bypass would be no significantly closer to other villages than at present; the benefits would only be positive.

  • Road Users

    A poor road has an impact on those travelling on the A6003

    All those travelling on A6003 through Caldecott

    It is in your interest to support the campaign

    For anyone travelling by vehicle on the A6003, a bypass will mean a faster, safer and more pleasant journey. A wider, more user friendly road will make the journey safer and there would be no more blind bends or queuing at traffic lights. It will provide a more pleasant and welcoming entrance to Rutland for people travelling to the County for leisure purposes and a quicker commute for daily users. It will also save haulage companies time and money. Conversely, if a bypass is not planned for and the new Corby development further overloads the road and traffic light junction, this will have a massive impact on all those trying to travel.

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